Old Ink

(Zine / DL . BWR022)

Little Arrow release their 4th album, Old Ink, on the 12th July 2015 through Bubblewrap Collective as a limited edition print Zine with digital download. Following on from the expansive, grunge-folk of last year’s Furious Finite, Old Ink sees the band return to the roots of acoustic music, tracing long-buried pathways in ancient soil. The resultant, relatively minimalist sound is comprised of plucked guitar, ukelele, percussion, bass and cello, with the soaringly powerful vocal of William Hughes in the foreground.


1. Ain’t That A Shame
2. Sun Sky
3. Worth A Winter
4. Defining Climbing
5. Bills
6. Labours In Making
7. Train Worker
8. Hiphopstrumental
9. Falling Hills
10. Again Grow Green
11. Rope

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Furious Finite


(LP / CD / DL . BWR019)

‘Furious Finite’ builds upon the Pembrokeshire-reared folk foundations of its predecessors to explore unchartered genre-blending territories. Inflections of grunge, ambient, storytelling, rock, psychedelia and prog permeate the soundscapes, demonstrating the growing influence of the full band backing William Hughes’ songwriting. ‘Furious Finite’ is availble on Vinyl, CD and Digital Download formats and was mastered by the finely tuned ears of Hafod Mastering (Islet, The Gentle Good, Euros Childs).


01. Government Bodies
02. Medicine Moon
03. Pier Mountain
04. Lossum
05. Diamond Shy
06. Flat Earth
07. War Drones
08. Holding & Knowing
09. Ha Ha Happiness
10. Spider
11. Hedgerow

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Poetically > Ogre


(DL . BWR016)

These tracks will be familiar to any of those who engaged with the pastoral grunge-folk of the Wild Wishes LP. These versions, however, feature the full Little Arrow band encompassing the complementary guitars of Dan Messore and Ben Sharpe, Callum Duggan’s soaring bass lines and the percussive power of Richard Chitty alongside frontman William Hughes. Studio recordings Poetically and I Man Ogre are now bigger, bolder and more epic than ever before, while Paddy Fields, recorded at Green Man Festival, showcases the band’s fully evolved live sound.


1. Poetically
2. I Man Ogre
3. Paddy Fields (Live Green Man Festival Session)




Wild Wishes


(12″ Vinyl / CD Album 2013 BWR012)

Recorded in picturesque Pembrokeshire, and mastered at hafodmastering.co.uk (Sweet Baboo, Racehorses), Wild Wishes‘ warm sound immerses the listener in a world of swirling soundscapes and haunting melodies carried forward by frontman William Hughes’ powerful vocals and accompanied by a talented cast of family and friends.

Wild Wishes will be available in a limited edition vinyl run, a laser cut and screen printed cd package and from all the usual download avenues.



1. Our Taste is Violence
2. Oh Life
3. State of You and Me
4. Ancient
5. Earth Skin
6. I Man Ogre
7. Red Sky
8. Your Catch is Silver
9. Wash
10. Paddy Fields
11. Lead Us Now

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Music, Masks & Poems


(CD Album 2011 BWR009)

William spent much of 2010 in the wilderness of West Wales where, inspired by his surroundings, he continuously wrote and recorded songs with friends and family members. The result is this rich and enchanting debut album, which exhibits an accomplished, enigmatic artist at work.

From start to finish, ‘Music, Masks & Poems’ is full of uplifting, eclectic modern folk and gospel songs which make the spine tingle with its rugged quality. For music fans who appreciate big organic vocal songs surrounded by cleverly crafted instrumentation, ‘Masks and Poems’ is an essential listen.



1. Bitten Blues
2. Aeroplane
3. Vessel of Fear
4. People of the Volcano
5. Dear Old Diary
6. The Viewers Are All Human
7. Tap Lighter Loop
8. Poetically Diseased
9. One Helium Balloon
10. Boat
11. Beneath The True Blue
12. Easy Now

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