Old Ink

Hello friends. Old Ink was recorded half in the suburbs of Cardiff and half at Tregydd Farm, Pembrokeshire by Callum Duggan. Old Ink is a return to Little Arrow’s beginnings, once again embracing
the acoustic style. Creatively the collection of songs came together with the help of Rich, Dan, Ben and Callum.

The approach was to react to the music as it developed, rather than write all the parts together. As such, takes were recorded early on during the sessions with the players each adding their own individual creative flourishes, layer upon layer.

And so we feel what we have here is an honest, no frills offering to ear-kind. I hope that these songs will immerse you in the landscape of the moment.

This zine is a collection of works created by artists, illustrators, photographers, fans and band members in response to songs and lyrics from our back catalogue. We thank you all for your contributions. It would not have been possible without your talent.